Day 3 of Celebrating Successes: The World That We Knew

Alice Hoffman’s The World That We Knew traverses all the areas of France in which I traveled earlier this year, takes place in the past, centers around women’s experiences, and includes a magical being.

It is all the things I love most in a book. I am completely enraptured.

It is good that I have a book at home I am enjoying because yesterday was not a good day.

Days when it is hard to feel congratulatory, hard to feel like doing much of anything, were bound to hit at some point. I didn’t think one would happen so quickly, but here we are. When I woke yesterday morning it was 4:00 AM, and the reason I had jolted alert so early was a sharp, shooting pain through my left shoulder blade.

I have no idea what caused it. It took a while for me to be able to reach a sitting position, and then a while longer for me to stand and make my way into the living room.

Let’s be honest… it probably was from picking up Howard the Pug Puppy so many times while out at the beach house. I mean, would YOU be able to resist this face???

Once I did, though, I had the sense to sit for a while with the back massager chair pad thing I bought off Amazon long ago. It helped.

So, there’s that. I thought to do that.

That was the major success of the day. I made it to work, albeit late, and I booked a chiropractor appointment and walked there and back rather than driving. I ate somewhat healthy meals.

And I read.

The chiropractor recommends I keep my shoulder heated for as much of the time as possible over the next few days, so that’s what I shall do.

I congratulate myself for having made it to the library and the supermarket the day before, as it means I am now set up for success while my shoulder heals from whatever torture my body has decided to put me through right now.

Ah, but there is one more thing, something I almost forgot about. I mentioned the other day that I downloaded an app called Tody. It’s one that helps folks like me who cannot keep track of what chores should get done with what frequency. Other apps I looked at would have helped me organize what needed to get done, but I wanted something that would just tell me what to do and when, and wouldn’t rely on me knowing how often it should happen.

The Tody app on Google Play

Thus, I found Tody. And when I got home yesterday the app said I was meant to “organize the refrigerator” (i.e., throw out the things that really ought to have been tossed ages ago) and wipe down the stovetop.

I did both of those things and took the trash and recycling out, too. I also washed the pile of pots and pans that were in the sink and ran the dishwasher. Lord knows when I would have gotten those things done, but thanks to the tips and tricks from the book Unf*ck Your Habitat (which I know I’ve been raving about like a broken record lately) I knew that I could tackle it with just a couple of 20/10 work/break cycles.

From the Unfuck Your Habitat web site

So actually… I did a fair bit yesterday!

It appears this writing exercise is starting to work. At the start of this post, I struggled to think of what I might have done yesterday that could be considered worthy of pride. By the end, I’m feeling quite proud of myself.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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