Day 4: The Unf*cking Continues

Yesterday was day 4 of the challenge to honor achievements rather than focus on failures, and I proudly made progress in this regard. Did you?

The hope/goal is by the end of 2020 I’ll have unfucked my habitat. Perhaps other aspects of my life, as well.

My Christmas tree has been taken down. The floor was swept of all pine needles. Lunches and dinners for the next few days have been made. The kitchen is clean. 

It is important to know when to stop when one has physical limitations. I’ve failed at this in the past. 

The 20/10 on/off strategy recommended in Unf*ck Your Habitat is harder to stick with than expected. When you aren’t in the habit of cleaning regularly, you tend to think of a desire to clean as a rarity to be cherished. Once you get on a roll with it, you don’t want to stop. You fear if you take a break you’ll lose the momentum you’ve finally gotten hold of.

Perhaps this is because when you take a break from cleaning it is usually when you are already tired. Naturally, if this is the case, once you sit down you don’t want to get back up. But with a 20/10 split, you only work for 20 minutes before taking a 10-minute breather.

Twenty minutes isn’t long enough to fatigue me. After a ten minute break, I’m still eager to get more done. (If twenty minutes is too much for you, the author recommends experimenting with different time splits to find out what works for you.)

One of the unexpected benefits is if a timer is set for 20 minutes, you see more clearly than usual how much can be accomplished in such a short time frame. That in itself is encouraging. Usually, you feel as though every task meant to be undertaken is something that will take half a day. When you set a timer and see how quickly it’s actually taken care of, it’s incredibly motivating. 

I was consistently amazed by how much I got done during each interval. The challenge of it, surprisingly,  was stopping after only 20 minutes, sometimes while deep in the midst of a task. 

Somehow, I did these 20/10 cycles multiple times yesterday, including the frequent 10-minute breaks, even though I often found it emotionally painful to stop what I was doing when the 20-minute timer chimed. 

In all, I completed about 6 hours of labor without wearing myself out too terribly. And as you can imagine, I’m feeling incredibly proud of myself.

There’s still one day left of this weekend and a lot more I would like to get done. I’m excited about my motivation and resolve.

What did you do yesterday that you were proud of?

What are your thoughts on this post?

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