Day 6: Surviving Mondays

Heading back to work after a few days off is difficult for most people. For those with ADHD, it’s far worse. This is true even if you like your job, your commute, your office, the people you see and work with.

It’s known that folks with ADHD have trouble changing the channel in their brains. Once one path is being charged down, trying to turn in a different direction requires Herculean mental fortitude.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old analogy, where an ADHD brain is described as working like a Ferrari engine, but as having a bicycle’s brakes.

I’m not sure what the appropriate analogy is for steering. Perhaps, a rudder?

This is all to say…

Mondays suck. For those of us who work Monday through Friday, that is. 

There is no sense in crying over an inability to be productive on Mondays. It’s futile. No matter how much you might cry and wail, no matter how much you hate the reality of it, the reality does not change.

Your brain has not yet adjusted to work-related tasks on Mondays. You have to accept and expect the bare minimum of yourself, whatever that bare minimum might be.

For me, that bare minimum was simply going to work, getting a few things done, and then being glad when I could leave and come back home.

Making social plans on Mondays is never a good idea. I’m comatose by the time I’m done with my workday. On Mondays, I come home, I have a relaxed evening, and I go to bed early.

The thing I’m proud of about yesterday is having made it through, and still feeling excited and motivated to tackle the chore of organizing my bureau this week.

Yesterday, though, I did do one 20 minutes tidying up cycle. I tidied up my vanity. At least there’s that.

What did you do yesterday that you’re proud of?

“We recreate the world by laying one sustainable brick at a time. We change our minds about what is possible one thought, one word, one action at a time. We maneuver around despair by focusing on the little wins, the quality of our connections, and the blessing of second chances after we’ve made a mess of things.”

Chani Nicholas, Horoscopes for 2020

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels