Day 7 Accomplishment: Not Doing a F*cking Thing

Sometimes the accomplishments of a day are the exact opposite of the ones you set out to achieve.

You may wake up thinking you have a relatively easy work day ahead, and that your big successes of the day will occur in the evening when you will make progress on various projects at home.

Then something happens to cause your work day to be unexpectedly busy, you leave work hours later than planned, and upon getting home have zero inclination to do any physical activity at all.

You lie on your couch, cuddled up under a blanket. You watch TV or, perhaps, you read a book and listen to the soothing sound of the cold winter rains pounding against the ground outside.

As long as you appreciate the hell out of it, and recognize how much you deserve those hours of inactivity, the day can be called an unmitigated success.

I am proud that I recognized my needs yesterday. I am proud that I didn’t give in to feelings of “should” and instead said, “I won’t.”

What did you do yesterday that you’re proud of?

Always make decisions that prioritize your inner peace.

Izey Victoria Odiase

Featured Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels


  1. Sometimes work days are so exhausting! Good for you for taking time for yourself. It’s hard to do sometimes, but like you said as long as we recognize our needs and what you deserve. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It felt really good even though it was kind of hard to do. But I’m able to tackle today because I recharged, so I’m really glad I did it. Did the “nothing,” that is!

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