Days 10 & 11: Unf*cking Happens

The goal for 2020 is to unf*ck my habitat. All of it.

Clutter in my home is amazing. Closets, cabinets, and drawers all *can* close, but barely. And I’m rarely able to use what’s inside without excavating and doing an archaeological dig.

This results in me not being terribly eager to put things away.

I decided to start with the front of my home (the kitchen) and work my way back to the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Yesterday, I completed the first big project: the closet next to the kitchen that was originally used for coats. A previous owner installed shelving. For that, I am grateful.

Here is the before and after:

Quite dramatic, no?

Today’s unf*cking will require I dispose of the pile of crap that resulted from yesterday’s unf*cking. A lot of it is stuff left here by the previous owner, including but not limited to a bunch of cans of old paint.

(Sidebar: The dates on the paint cans are all 2015. This means, as hard as it is to believe, that someone chose stark light ivory with one super intense dark red accent wall for every single room in their home in 2015. I assumed the god awful color scheme I painted over upon taking ownership was done in the late 90s. Nope.)

Thus, today will be a relatively easy unf*cking day. Load up the car, go to brunch with some friends, then swing by Goodwill and the town’s paint disposal center.

And if there’s energy left (which there probably will be), I’ll get started on the pantry and maybe even the linen closet.

I’m on a roll here, folks. It’s exciting! Maybe someday I’ll even be able to open closets, cabinets, and drawers and be able to easily find things!

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