Day 16: The Linen Closet!

The linen closet! I unf*cked the linen closet! I did it!

Let me explain why this is so exciting.

No, never mind. I’ll just show you.

I couldn’t fit any more stuff in there, and couldn’t access what was already there. It was a project I knew I wanted to take on… eventually. It wasn’t one I was considering starting, much less finishing, last night.

When I got home I set a timer for 20 minutes, as I’ve been trying to do more regularly. I vowed during that time to just pick up around the house a little.

Ten minutes went by, and I was done. I’d finished tidying up, and had even put the dining room chairs up on top of the dining room table so the robotic vacuum can run.

What stroke of insanity and/or brilliance led me to tackle the linen closet, I have no idea. But with ten minutes left on the timer, I decided to empty the whole damn thing out.

By the time the bell rung, I realized the problem. I had a f*ckton of stuff crammed in that closet, all shoved in wherever it might fit with no organizational strategy what-so-ever.

The contents of the linen closet. And Abigail, at lower right.

I realized I had two comforters and a blanket in there that I’d completely forgotten about and never plan to use again. Off to the donations pile they went, and then I started piling things into logical groupings and taking plastic wrappers off things wherever I could. I took a few things out of boxes, as well.

Here is the result.

In about 40 minutes, I completely overhauled a storage area that had been driving me nuts. No fancy storage containers, no huge complicated organizational overhaul. I took all the shit out of the closet, I got rid of a few things, and I put the shit back in the closet in a manner that made a bit more sense.

Forty minutes.

I’m so f*cking proud of myself right now.


  1. Isn’t it funny how sometimes the things we think will take the longest, only end up taking a little bit of our time? Awesome, great job!! 🙂

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