Day 19: Unf*cking Chores

A few weeks ago, I downloaded an app to help me keep track of household chores. Today, I’ll share my thoughts on how it’s going.

Tody – Smarter Cleaning app

The reason I searched for an app is twofold. First, I never remember to do tasks until the evidence that they haven’t been done in ages disgusts me. I have some sort of mess-blindness, where nothing is dirty or cluttered until it’s so bad that it’s overwhelming.

Second, I was never taught how frequently normal tasks need to get done or even what those normal tasks are. I didn’t know how to create a chore schedule for myself and trying to manage things in a “just do them as they need to get done” manner had been a massive failure for decades.

My search for an app for a single person who simply wanted help figuring out what tasks to do and at what frequency led me to Tody.

It was easy to set up. They present you with a list of rooms and suggested chores within each room. Each suggested chore has a suggested frequency associated with it. Perfect!

I added the relevant rooms in my home and selected the chores that made sense for me, and was good to go.

And then, all set up and receiving daily notifications about which little chore I should get done each day in order to stay on top of everything in the long run, I did… nothing.

I ignored all the notifications.

One might think this means the app is useless for me. Aha! One might think that, but one would be wrong.

Yesterday, when I had time and motivation to get caught up on housework, I was grateful I had the app.


Because even though I was weeks behind, I had a clear to-do list already prepared and waiting for me. There was none of the usual guesswork. Even if certain things didn’t look like they really needed to get done, I knew it was time to do them.

And do them, I did. It was fantastic.

Here is part of the to-do list I had at the beginning of the day yesterday. Note how far behind I was on a few items.

Screenshot of to-do list from the Tody app

And here, friends, is all of the things I got done yesterday.

My dad and Stepmom will arrive tomorrow and I don’t have a huge stressful marathon session of last-minute cleaning I need to do. All that’s left is vacuuming and mopping, and then sprucing up the guest room a little.

Between Tody and the advice from Unf*ck Your Habitat, I feel like I might actually be getting a handle on this housework thing!

Focus on making your house “you ready.” Bring it, gradually, up to your standards of cleanliness. Make it so that you’re comfortable, and so that you enjoy looking around your home. When you reach that point, your house will always be company ready. You’re the most important person who will step through your door. Try to make your living space reflect that.

Unfuck Your Habitat, Why “Company Ready” is Good, But “You Ready” is Better

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