Day 27: Unf*cking Done

Dad and Stepmom were in town from Tuesday through Friday. It has been three days since they left, and I am only now ready to write about it.

The delay is not because the visit was in any way bad. It is only that it was exhausting.

I loved spending time with them, showing them my home, my city, my state. I loved laughing with them and I loved having them near so I could reach out and get a big hug anytime I wanted it.

Good Lord, though… That was a lot of talking.

After I left them at the airport, I went into extreme introvert mode. I spent Friday night and Saturday rewatching season 4 of Outlander.

And then on Sunday, I kicked some royal housework ass. I did the laundry, and folded it and put it away. I vacuumed. I ran the dishwasher and emptied it. I cleaned the kitchen and both bathrooms.

I also did the second-to-last big unf*cking project. A few weeks ago, I started at the front of my home in the pantry next to the kitchen. I then did the kitchen cabinets. Moving towards the back of the house, I tackled the linen closet.

My cousin, now my ex-roommate, came over and we cleared the last of his clutter out of the guest room and bath. Both spaces, with his help, became unf*cked.

On Sunday, I took on my bureau. I did a major clothing purge, adopting the same rules I’ve imposed on myself elsewhere:

I’m only allowed to own quantities that fit into currently available storage.

When I started getting better at folding clothes right after washing them, I quickly realized I couldn’t put everything away at once even if I wanted to. That problem has now been resolved.

Next up will be the bedroom closet. Unf*cking it is not an overwhelming task. Not anymore. Everything I need to fit inside it already fits just fine, and I’m implementing some organizational strategies that will help me get better at putting things away that belong in there. I’m excited about getting started.

I’m not excited about being done with the unf*cking, though.

My goal for 2020 was to unf*ck my habitat. Now, less than a month into the year, I only have one unf*cking project left.

What do I become passionate about next? What do I decide to work towards? What can I adopt as a next big project?

This one was supposed to take 12 months to do and instead it barely took four weeks. I’m worried I won’t know what to do with my time now that I’ve accomplished my goals.


  1. I’m so happy to hear you had a good time with your parents visit!! 🙂 Over the last few weeks I went through all my clothes. I finally gathered it all up on Sunday and did one big donation. 🙂 Feels great!

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