Day 29: Fight Nothing with Anything

The opposite of Nothing is Something. And if one can’t find Something, sometimes the solution is Anything.

That’s the conclusion I came to yesterday. I want a passion project but what I need right now is Anything. (Day 28: The Nothing)

Hopefully, I’ll soon find Something to immerse myself in that will be fantastic. But I haven’t figured out Something yet, and I need to keep moving if I wish to outpace the Nothing.

I can’t let the Nothing catch up with me. Not again. Not this year.

What I can do in the interim until I find my next Something is seek out the small wins. What I’m searching for is Anything that will make me feel I’ve achieved and conquered.

Yesterday morning while I sipped my coffee I made a to-do list for the day. I decided what I wanted to get done.

Doctor’s appointment. Errands. Cardio. PT exercises. Tody tasks. Paint my nails.

And so on. The list grew. I quickly realized I wouldn’t accomplish all of it in one day. I grinned. That meant I was setting myself up to conquer things the next day, as well.

My current Something will be Anything I can think of. I’ll accomplish things every day. I’ll keep busy. I’ll keep moving forward.

This will be the year I best the Nothing. I’ll fight it with Anything.

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