Day 39: The Nothing Gets Stronger

I went and had dinner with friends. It was good to be around people. And yet, the Nothing lingers.

It crept in a bit on Friday afternoon, when the weather was nice and I remembered how conflicted I feel all spring and summer whenever it’s lovely outside. It did not dissipate on Saturday.

That is why I am not going to spend much time writing today. Instead, I’m going to get off my ass and be productive.

By some definitions, I didn’t do much yesterday. I wasn’t productive. I only completed four chores out of the many I intended to get done: vacuumed, mopped, washed the bath mats, and washed my sheets.

(I wasn’t planning on washing the bath mats yesterday, but one of the cats had some tummy issues on one, so… Yeah, I definitely washed the bath mats yesterday.)

Those are substantial things, though. I tidied up well enough to be able to vacuum and mop every room in my home and then performed that task. I stripped my bed, washed my sheets, and remade my bed.

I also prepped a casserole to bring over to my friends last night. It’s a recipe they request whenever I offer to cook for them and their gratitude and appreciation are always delightful. (Keto Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Popper Casserole from

There was a lot of downtime, though. I sat around for hours playing on my phone and listening to the audiobook of The Paper Wife. It was fantastic and well told story, but my goal in listening to audiobooks is to get things done while I listen. The past two I’ve listened to have been so good that I stopped working and became immersed in the story.

The other one was Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. Don’t listen to it if you’re looking for something that isn’t fantastic and won’t suck you in. It is, quite unfortunately, an absolutely amazing story and it’s narrated disappointingly well.

Thus, today, I’m not going to spend much longer writing a post. I’m going to find a ridiculous and frivolous audiobook, and I’m going to get chores done so they won’t linger and bother me through the work week.

It will, hopefully, improve my spirits to get some things done and bask in the glory of my efforts. I’m starting to feel down again. Perhaps, making sure my surroundings are tidy and clean will make me smile. If nothing else, it will likely keep the Nothing at bay for at least one more day.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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