Day 44: Grace Under Pressure & Cancelling Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day plans were completely derailed by yesterday’s events. It was not a good day. I would even go so far as to call it a very, very bad day. And yet, the day was an unmitigated success.

Let me explain.

I work in tech and my team and I have been developing a new software product. Our company president has reviewed our work several times, asked for changes several times, and in general, has been encouraging and supportive.

There was one piece of the system that we were instructed to ignore for a while, because there was a different piece he deemed to be higher priority. Thus, this is what we did.

On Tuesday, we showed him the results of our latest push, and he was pleased but suggested a lot of changes. So be it. This is pretty much par for the course.

Yesterday (two days later), he told us he wants to show the product to a potential client in two weeks. This is not a product that is anywhere near ready to ship, but he assures us he just wants to be able to do a demo.

He demanded an immediate full demo for himself and a consultant we work with.

My boss was at an off-site. I would have to go it alone.

I told the guy that the piece we’d been instructed to ignore looked like hell on mobile and we needed to do a lot of work on it, but he wanted to see it anyway. Without any advanced notice to our team.

As one would expect, it did not go well.

First of all, he expressed surprise that we hadn’t yet completed all the changes he had requested two days earlier. These changes will likely take a month to complete.

Secondly, he hyper-focused on how terrible the piece he’d been told looked terrible on mobile devices looked on mobile devices.

He told us to clean everything up and get his requested changes done, and that he wanted to meet again in a week. Then he requested the meeting be on Monday.

Through all of this, I’m proud of how I handled myself. I laughed at and with him (“Monday isn’t a week. Thursday is a week. Let’s do Thursday”). I held my ground and didn’t get nervous.

However, we now have a big push we have to get through, so I had to cancel my plans to romance myself today. I’ll have to work today and possibly through the weekend, as well.

My plans to romance myself will have to wait another week or two. Which is fine, I suppose.

I find it amusing how frantically I’ve been trying to stay busy, yet the one day I blocked off for relaxation and pampering must be cancelled!

What are your thoughts on this post?

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