Day 56: Resume Challenge

I decided not to take my ADHD medication yesterday. In some sense, this was an act of desperation. My organizational skills are off the charts fantastic while medicated. My creativity, particularly when it comes to writing, typically is not.

In crafting a resume, one must be somewhat creative. It’s important to be able to not just list one’s responsibilities but to present them in such a way that they read as achievements, rather than simply the duties anyone in that role would be obligated to perform.

One must, in essence, turn standard features into benefits.

This is something I’m typically quite good at, except when it comes to myself. I know this to be the case with many, if not most, of the human population. Even those of us who are able to see benefits in most any situation are hard-pressed to see them in our own contributions.

Although I am able to come up with a few things, they are difficult to quantify and do not easily lend themselves to the format required by a resume.

I am a long-form writer. Bulleted lists are not my forte.

Thus, though I felt as though I had made a terrific start on my resume on Monday, by midday yesterday I was frustrated and spent. Updating my resume felt like a hopeless task, as it always has whenever I’ve tried to do it. (Skipping meds yesterday probably didn’t help, though.)

That’s when a bolt of lightning struck me. If I can’t think of any of my achievements, who might? Why, one of my biggest cheerleaders on the planet, of course! My old boss, who was let go at the same time I was, and likely is experiencing all the same resume-writing frustrations as I.

I shot him a text right away. I was right. He’s struggling, as well.

This morning, I shall be meeting up with my old boss for a brainstorming session. I will remind him of all the things he achieved in his various roles at our company, and I am sure he will be able to do the same for me.

Today, I am proud that I thought to ask for help when I needed it, knew who would be the best person to ask, and did not feel any shame about wanting some assistance with this task.

Yay, me.

I’d hoped to have my resume updated and ready to send out by end of day Monday, but that was not fated to be. Hopefully, by the end of today it’ll be in good enough shape that I will feel comfortable starting to reach out to recruiters.

Let the job search commence.

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