Day 62: Unfortunate Realizations

Chills. A cough. Intense and inexplicable exhaustion. Sinus headache. Once, I thought of these symptoms as a sign I was getting sick. At least once a year or so, they would, in fact, lead to bronchitis and a double ear infection. More frequently, they would go away but would return again in a day or two, always at a level just annoying enough to make me miserable but not so terrible that it warranted a day off.

The symptoms would settle in often and they would disrupt my life beyond measure. Until last fall, I had no idea what caused them.

At that time, I realized I might be allergic to tomatoes. Since then, I’ve only enjoyed tomatoes in moderation. For the first time I can recall, I did not get sick this winter.

Over the past few days, though, I’ve been making my way through the servings of two different recipes that, by pure coincidence, both included bell peppers. This is not an ingredient I use often. I don’t think I’ve made anything with it since cutting out tomatoes.

Sure enough, I’ve been feeling like crap.

I don’t particularly like bell pepper and I haven’t missed it at all, but I was hoping my reaction was limited to tomatoes and not all nightshades. I’ve been doing okay with hot pepper, but I now realize that’s probably because so little of it is used.

Anyway, yesterday wasn’t awesome. I didn’t feel good, which is probably why I accidentally overslept and then had to fight off having a meltdown about it.

But, despite feeling like utter poo, there were some achievements. I learned more about a company I’m dying to work for, and wrote an introductory letter I think shows well how my experience and passion might be of benefit to them.

Today and part of tomorrow, though, I am prepared to continue feeling like poo, as I still have a couple of servings of each bell-pepper-including recipe to make my way through before I start eating something else. Which sucks, but I can’t rationalize spending more money on groceries and throwing out what I already have.

Still, it’s good to know I should avoid bell pepper moving forward. Both of these recipes, as written, also included tomatoes and I omitted that ingredient when I prepared them. I guess now I’ll have to remove the recipes from my list completely.

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