Day 64: ADHD, Unemployment, and Body Movement

One of the key challenges while unemployed has been not letting my body stagnate. It was already difficult to make sure my body moved frequently and enough when I was sitting at a desk all day. Now that I’m home all the time I must be even more vigilant.

Movement is important. Without adequate movement in my day, my body aches and my mind grows fuzzy. Anxiety and depression creep in. I start back sliding and my physical, emotional, and mental health quickly take a turn for the worse..

I think one of the reasons I’m managing suddenly finding myself unemployed as well as I am is because I’m aware of this, and making a point to move my body more than I’ve done in the past.

It’s often far too easy to stay put and keep chugging away at the tasks at hand rather than get up and move around, though. I’ve needed to set concrete goals around my movement.

First, I start each day with some light cardio. Sometimes it’s only 15 minutes, but if I have the time and energy I’ll do 30 minutes. I find suitable workouts on YouTube by searching “beginner low impact cardio.” When I’m done, I stretch all my major muscle groups.

This clears my head and gets my brain working. Without it, I find I feel rather sluggish and have “I just woke up” cognitive fuzziness all day. It allows me to start my day feeling energized and limber.

Next, I take some seriously ridiculous dance breaks throughout the day. Once per hour, just one song, and I go nutty to whatever it is. That’s all it takes to get the wiggles out and allow me to keep focused. I have a Google Mini and I use it to allow Spotify to choose a song at random. It’s rather hilarious.

That’s really it. Between these two things I’m still finding it a challenge to hit my daily goal of 8000 steps, but my body doesn’t hurt and my brain isn’t feeling like mush.

The key to any goal is it must be SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). That’s why my movement goals are light, easy, and fun. I’d initially tried to do 30 minutes of cardio every day, but it was taking more from me than it was giving. It was feeling unattainable. So, I adapted it to make it attainable, but still specific, measurable, relevant and time-bound.

Achieving these movement goals is keeping me feeling great both physically and mentally. I’m making a lot of progress on my job search every day and I’m generally pretty happy with how the day went when I close my laptop down in the evening.

Are there any things you do to keep your body moving throughout the day that I might enjoy trying?

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