Day 71: Getting sick

Getting sick is not an achievement, but appropriate mind-body connection definitely is. This is true for me in particular, since it’s something I’ve often failed at in the past.

Last week I had bell peppers 4-5 days in a row and felt like crap, but assumed I would recover after my diet returned to normal and I cut the offending foods yet again. Unfortunately, the recovery did not happen.

The sinus headaches and congestion did not dissipate. Today is Friday. On Wednesday, I was unusually tired and went to bed early. Yesterday, my ears started feeling clogged (a sure sign I’m fighting an ear infection) and once again, my body asked me to crash out far earlier in the evening than I usually do.

I’m slightly abashed about this, but in the past I was fairly awful about recognizing when I was coming down with something and doing something about it. On some level, I felt my body’s desire to become ill so frequently was a personal weakness, something I could fight off with better resolve and strength of character.

I also have a weird aversion to taking medications unless I really have to, so I would put off getting the basic over-the-counter meds people usually take until it was too late.

Understanding my food allergies has been helpful in this regard. When I eat things I shouldn’t, it really does a number on my immune system, and causes a ton of inflammation in my body. For me, this leads to sinus headaches and then infections, and is often followed by double ear infections and bronchitis.

My achievement for yesterday is not judging myself for feeling as though I’m getting sick. Rather, I realized I should take some decongestants, I drank a ton of hot tea, and I went to bed early. I’m sure I’ll continue doing the same today.

There were also achievements related to social distancing and new productivity strategies for working from home… But I’ll save those for another post (and will link to them here after I do).

Text says, “The reason no one you know has tested positive for COVID-19 is because no one you know has been able to get tested for COVID-19.

Right now, thanks to decongestants, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in days. Thus, I’m going to go achieve a light workout and then sitting down to start my job search efforts on time.

Happy Friday, all.

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