Day 74: Social Distancing Survival Guide

There are four types of people when it comes to Coronavirus and social distancing and staying at home. 1. It won’t happen to me so I’m going out anyway. 2. This is all a hoax and wildly overblown. 3. I’ll stay home because I have to but omfg this is horrible and upsetting in every possible way.

And then there’s my group.

4. My God this is glorious. It’s like I’ve been training for this my whole life.

Comedy from Twitter

I’ve been feeling somewhat guilty about this, particularly since I’ve quietly been thinking about the Coronavirus and social distancing myself for weeks. It’s been part of the reason (other than money) I haven’t gone to coffee shops to work on job applications and have turned down friends when they have offered to take me out.

Now that so many people are being asked to stay home and Twitter is abuzz with a variety of reactions, I’m realizing I’m not alone in being totally undisturbed about having to stay home.

I actually find it rather delightful. Maybe it’s an introvert thing?

There’s nothing that makes me sigh with joy quite like an empty calendar

My achievement for yesterday was realizing I’m not alone and probably not as much of a social freak as I often feel like I am.

There were other achievements too, though.

Part of the afternoon was spent on coursework for the project management course on I mentioned yesterday (Staying Productive While Stuck At Home). I’m proud of myself for thinking of taking an online course. Today, I’ll finish up that first course, and likely try to find and knock out another that will look half decent on my resume.

And, of course, I’ll continue enjoying the hell out of not having to go anywhere or do anything.

Short and Sweet Social Distancing Survival Guide


  • Try to get a normal, healthy number of hours of sleep per night and stick with a consistent bedtime and wakeup time routine,
  • Decide what your “productive hours” are. For example, I work on my job search from 9-5 and relax during weekends and evenings,
  • Eat healthy food and real meals. I “pack” my lunch and snacks every morning like I did when I was going to an office, and try to stick with the same eating schedule I was on while there,
  • Stay hydrated, even if you never have before. I can’t stress highly enough how many of us are dehydrated and not even realizing how crappy it’s making us feel because we’re so used to it. This is the best time ever to see what feeling hydrated actually feels like! I recommend using an app (I love Hydro Coach like you wouldn’t believe but here are some others to check out). If you make any goals at all during this time, make learning what feeling hydrated feels like the most important one.


  • Pressure yourself to be dramatically more productive than you usually are. It’s okay to relax a little. However…
  • Don’t give in to the urge to watch TV and stare at your phone and veg out all the time. Make a goal, for example, to put away all screens and read every night for an hour before bed (and stick with a consistent bedtime so you know when “reading time” is supposed to start),
  • Forego hygiene and beauty. For God’s sake, brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Shower as frequently as you usually do and do little things that make you feel nice just for yourself. For me, I don’t care about my hair and have it in a bun all the time, but every day I throw on a shower cap and take a shower, put on clean comfy lounge wear, and even apply a tinted moisturizer and blush just because I so appreciate having done so any time I happen to catch a glimpse of myself during the day,
  • Eat junk food and forget to nourish yourself properly. Trust me, it’ll make you feel like crap. Just don’t do it.

I have a feeling we’re all in this for the long haul, so please, start out the way you mean to continue. Make sure your routine is one that feels easy, natural, sustainable. You’ll probably be doing it for a while, so it might as well be one that makes you feel good, that you’ll be proud of when you look back on this period of time during the years to come.

Okay, that’s all for now, folks. Keep calm and carry on! ❤️

We’re HEROES, yo. For doing NOTHING. It’s an amazing time we live in.

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