Day 76: Professional advancement

I officially started my journey towards passing my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification yesterday.

The application to take the test is intense. I hope to finish it before the end of the week, but we shall see. They need information about dates and hours spent on specific activities for projects I’ve worked on. I don’t have access to any of this information and will have to rely on my memory to get this done.

Thankfully, my old boss is on board and will help me out. He’ll review what I plan to submit and help fill in my memory gaps, and will confirm it’s accuracy of I’m audited.

The application also requires 35 education hours. I’m making my way through a 35 hour seminar that will allow me to meet this requirement. Much of yesterday was spent simply watching lectures and taking notes. That part was quite nice, actually.

This is going to be a major undertaking. Once done, I’ll feel quite proud of myself for having completed it, I’m sure. As is, I’m very impressed with myself for even starting.

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