Day 77: Focus on the Objectives

Yesterday’s accomplishment was focus. ADHD is a funny thing. When the brain gets excited and locks in on something, it’s intense and rather indescribable. Suffice it to say, doing that thing becomes the only thing one wants to do.

I’m taking a 35 hour seminar through Udemy as part of the requirement for passing the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. It’s almost embarrassing how much I’m enjoying it.

I was that nerd who absolutely loved college, not because of parties or socializing but because of learning. By my second year of college, I had been diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin. It changed my world. Suddenly, I was able to hear and absorb new information without it being a struggle. I loved it! My classes were a joy and I sucked up every bit of knowledge like a sponge.

One of the greatest achievements of my life is having graduated college with a 3.9 GPA. I, who had barely graduated high school, and who I’m convinced only got into college because so many in my family were alumnus, got straight A’s in almost every class after I started taking ADHD medication.

Since graduating college over 20 years ago, I’ve often wished I could take some courses just for the hell of it. I’ve never been able to make it work. This was, in part, because I wasn’t aware of all the self-paced offerings available online (check out Coursera and EdX, along with Udemy).

Now that I’m taking a course and learning again, I’m so into it and so excited about it. I’ve set up my iPad next to my laptop, so I can keep seminar resources open on one screen while I watch lectures on the other. I’ve finally given in and bought a printer, because not being able to print stuff for review is already driving me nuts. I’ve ordered a few of the spiral notebooks I like so I can flip through pages of notes more easily when I study. I’m loving it.

My new work setup

My achievement for yesterday was getting myself set up for success. My posts for a while might be a little shorter than usual, until my obsession eases up a bit. Even now, I’m excited to finish up this post, grab a quick shower, and get to work.

I’ve found the big project that I longed for and I’m absolutely joy-filled about it. I’ve not only found a silver lining to this terrible situation we’re all now in. I’ve struck gold!


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