Day 94: Weight Loss Success!

Obviously, if weight loss is a trigger for you, please do not read this post. Go snuggle your animals or something instead.

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This puppy loves you and hopes their costume makes you giggle

Day 94 was yesterday but this is actually today’s achievement. As of this morning, I am almost halfway to my weight loss goal.

Graph showing 18 pound weight decrease
Last July through today

As you might recall, I was an anxious mess during the months leading up to my brother’s wedding last summer. This was, in large part, because I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and this is not something either of my parents tends to look kindly on. Knowing this did not help my anxiety, and my nonstop panic did not help my weight situation.

My greatest fear was looking huge in all the wedding photos. And, unfortunately, that’s exactly what came about.

There are many people who are gorgeous at any size. I do not feel I am one. The photos of me that were taken at the wedding were not good. I look very unhealthy and not at all attractive.

Once the wedding was over, there was nothing I could do to change what happened on that day. The worst had occurred and it was in the past. The only option available was to look forward and see what could be done about the future.

Nutrition and self-control became a theme during therapy sessions at around this time. Ultimately, I came to realize I am not someone who has healthy hunger/fullness cues. Somehow, I lack the ability to understand those sensations.

For me, tracking nutrition intake (I use MyFitnessPal) isn’t optional. Without it, I either do not eat enough and feel spacy and out of sorts, or I eat far too much and feel physically uncomfortable.

Starting last September, I began tracking and planning my daily food intake around healthy, sustainable daily goals. I started feeling better and having more energy.

I did not try to incorporate exercise, though. In the past, whenever I tried to get an exercise routine going, invariably I would wind up aggravating my neck or back somehow. As I got older, my lower back started seizing up more and more often. Exercise did not feel like a possibility for me.

Around November, my lower back flared up so badly that I was unable to move much at all for several days. This was when I started seeing a physical therapist. Clearly, things with my back had gotten so bad that something needed to be done. I just didn’t know what, and doctors and physical therapists had not been helpful in the past.

This physical therapist was different, though. During my first visit she thought to measure my leg lengths. Sure enough, there was a discrepancy. She put a lift in my left shoe and my world was forever changed.

The physical therapist gave me hip strengthening exercises to do. Once I had a good routine going with them, we moved on to my shoulders and upper back.

Thanks to her, I now am strong enough to be able to follow workout routines without injury. Initially I was only doing cardio, but I’ve now started using a program from Fitbit Coach. The personalized training sessions are fantastic and I highly recommend trying them out. (Note: there is a free 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium available, which includes unlimited personalized Fitbit Coach sessions.)

Yesterday, I did a couple of push-ups. I was on my knees and could only do three, but I did them and did not injure myself. It has been over ten years since I could do push-ups against a wall without injury. Yesterday, I was able to do a few on the floor!

Last summer, I weighed 200 lbs and my body fat percentage was 47%.

Today, I weigh 182 lbs and my body fat percentage is 43%.

My goals are to get into the World Health Organization’s prescribed healthy ranges for my height. At the upper end of that range, that would mean weighing 160 lbs with a body fat percentage of 31%.

As of this morning, I have lost 18 of the 40 pounds I intend to lose. And I am excited to keep going and to continue getting stronger.

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